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STEM Transmission kit (C1-T) STEM Dynamics Kit (C1-X) STEM Intelligent Control Kit (C1-P)
STEM Transmission kit (C1-T)
Our Price: $1,699.00
STEM Dynamics Kit (C1-X)
Our Price: $2,100.00
Build simple machine models and learn motion and force concepts; explore and design own structures for other practical applications.

Main components:
3 fan blade
1 balance weight
5 bearings
2 gear combination
4 spindle combination
2 wheel combination
6 magnets
Totally 421 parts

29+ guided construction projects including:
Trestle ladder
Inclined tower
Balance scale
Mechanical claw
Elastic ball shooter
Motion and reaction force
Magnet seesaw
Mini hand-driven drills

Suggested for Primary 1 to 3

Please call for details.
Build models like electric drill, motor car, tower crane, etc. and learn working principals of transmission of gears, pulley, screw, belt drive, etc.

Main components:
1 non-programmable controller
(control motor with touch buttons)
2 DC motors
4 pulleys
2 leading screws
3 gear cases
1 wheel combination
2 tires
Totally 366 parts

18+ guided construction projects including:
hand-driven generator
electric drill
Wind driven seesaw
Variable speed motor car
Scissor lift
Tower crane

Suggested for Primary 2 to 6

Please call for details.

Learn flowchart programming and basic structure of simple robots, functions and application of various sensors. Design and code for intelligent control.

Main components:
1 powerful programmable controller
(16 input ports and 4 output ports)
2 touch sensors
2 light sensors
5 grayscale sensors
1 infrared sensor
1 sound sensor
1 frame sensor
2 closed loop motors
1 DC motor
1 counter
other construction components
Totally 244 parts

27+ guided construction projects including:
Distance measuring wheeler
Remote control car
Obstacle avoidance wheeler
Line tracing car
Maze traversing car
Car parking
Clingy robot
Fire fighter
Crazy bowling

Suggested for Primary 3 to Secondary 4

Please call for details.
STEM Creative Kit - Advanced (C1-S)
Advanced construction kit for building physics and robotic models to learn simple machines, transmission and other science concepts in STEM workshops. Reference curriculum and multi-media materials included with bulk purchases.

Main components:
1 powerful programmable controller
(16 input ports and 4 output ports)
3 touch sensors
1 temperature sensor
2 light sensors
1 grayscale sensor
1 sound sensor
1 flame sensor
2 pulleys
2 counters
3 light boxes (red, green, yellow)
3 electromagnetic sensors
4 motors
Different gear boxes
Totally 456+ parts

44+ guided construction projects including:
Carrier belt
Safety ladder
Mechanical arm
Mini industrial robot
Smart elevator
Traffic light
Smart car
Oscillating fan
Washing machine
Fire alarm system
Smart clock
Intelligent doors
Many others

Suggested for Primary 3 to Secondary 6

Please call for details.