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Oculus 5
Oculus 5

Our Price: $4,800.00

Product Code: OCULUS5

Kids can play and learn programming and appreciate robot technologies with this cute and powerful mobile robot with different built-in sensors and output functions.

Apps Available:
Meet Oculus - to understand the various functions of the robot
Project Programming - control the robot using programming block
Abilix Chart - control the robot using program charts
Abilix Scratch - enhanced version of the popular graphical programming tool for kids
Skill Creator - download or create skill sets for the robot such as dancing, singing programs

Main Features:
24 built-in sensors including temperature, sound, touch, ultrasonic, IR, grayscale, gyro, facial recognition, GPS and compass;
27 built-in actuators including motors, LED lights, speakers, display screen, camera (in advanced versions);
Cyclone dust-collecting system.